Frequently Asked Questions D2-001 & D2-007

How do I connect my robot to the TUYA Smart app? Connecting to WiFi is not possible.

Normally WiFi Routers and/or modems support the 2.4 Ghz protocol and 5Ghz protocol. The difference between these protocols is that the 2.4 Ghz protocol can cover a greater distance than a 5 Ghz network. A 2.4 Ghz WiFi network is therefore less fast, but much more stable for devices such as the Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

You can usually temporarily deactivate the 5Ghz network in the settings via your modem. Once you have paired the device, you can reactivate it and the device will work without any problems.

How does the mopping function work exactly?

  • The thin mop cloth is for mopping and the somewhat thicker cloth (blue white) is for sweeping. First wet the thin cloth before attaching it to the water tank. You use the thick cloth dry, without the water tank. To do this, stick the two long adhesive strips directly onto the robot.
  • Never leave the water tank mounted on the robot when you are just vacuuming. The water tank is not electronically controlled, but slowly lets the water through through the blue filters. This evenly moistens the mop cloth.
  • In which order you use the mopping function is up to you. for the best result, it is best to first vacuum a round (without the water tank) and then mop.
  • You choose the wiping program when you use the thick cloth.

My robot is not charging, what now?

To be able to diagnose the problem, I would like to ask you to go through the following steps:

1. Is the light on the charging station blinking? No; Check that the charging station is properly plugged into the socket and the adapter cable is plugged into the charging station.

2. When the robot vacuum cleaner is placed on the charging station, does the device beep when connected? No; Check that the sensors at the bottom of the robot are properly seated. Check that both charging station sensors are not pressed.

3. Connect the robot directly to the adapter. Does the device beep when connected? No; please contact us so that we can offer you a new adapter.

Help my water tank is empty while charging the robot.

You are not supposed to send the robot vacuum cleaner with water tank back or let it go back to the charging station. The water tank is not electronically controlled with regard to wetting the mop. The water tank moistens the mop because the openings in the water tank allow the water to slowly drain out (using the blue filter fabric). The water tank will then indeed empty when the robot is stationary on its charging station. It is therefore included in the manual that you must remove the water tank when you send the robot vacuum cleaner to the charging station or when it is almost finished with its cleaning.

A wheel is missing under my Robot Vacuum Cleaner, what now?

We understand the confusion about the opening in the vacuum cleaner. However, there was never a part here. In the past, together with the manufacturer, we have tried to improve our product by adding an extra wheel. However, it turned out that it only got less of this, so we left out the extra wheel during production.

Fortunately, no part is missing and you can use your new robot vacuum cleaner without any defects.

What is the difference between the D2-001 and the D2-007?

The D2-007 is the successor to the D2-001. The robot vacuum cleaner has had an upgrade in the software and performs its work a lot quieter than its predecessor. Finally, the model D2-007 is more durable and premium with a glass top plate, so that scratches / traces of use will be less visible.

Other than that, it's basically the same device.

My robot scrapes the ground and makes a strange noise. What can I do?

Is it true that you hear this sound when you only use the vacuuming function and not the mopping function? Is the water tank mounted under the robot? When you only vacuum, it is not the intention that the water tank is mounted. Remove this and only place it when you are going to mop with the mop cloth.

My robot vacuum cleaner does not find its charging station after cleaning. What can I do?

Our D2 Series Robot Vacuum Cleaners work with infrared sensors to explore its path, including to its charging station. There may be a piece of furniture or a cooking island in the view of the robot at the end of its cleaning, preventing it from finding its way to the charging station. Try placing the charging station on the other side of the room, so that the robot follows a different route during its cleaning. This may make it easier for him to find his charging station. Also make sure that there is always 1.5 meters on both sides of the charging station free of furniture or walls.

Update April 2023: Update the firmware of your robot vacuum cleaner to the latest version. This is possible within the Tuya App.

The software has been improved considerably, so that the device can find its charging station faster and better.