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CleanDays XR 500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

CleanDays XR 500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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The CleanDays XR500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with advanced mopping function & LASER Navigation Is there one of the highest level. Thanks to the intelligent Smart 360° Laser-Radar with LDS and SLAM technology, this robot cleans super accurately. Via the map in the app, which the device creates in real-time, NO-GO zones can be created in the app and the robot will avoid objects perfectly. Thanks to the triple HEPA filter system, this robot is also ideal for allergy sufferers. The high suction power with carpet sensor and turbo boost, double side brushes and middle brush give animal hair no chance. With a super strong battery of 3200 mAh, you can clean up to 3 hours or 230 m2 and if that is not enough, the robot will charge itself and then continue where it left off.

Ultra-high configuration lidar navigation - Dual Laser + SLAM navigation equipped with a new LDS laser scanning system, using SLAM algorithm and signal acquisition system, the robot can quickly rotate to scan the home environment, so as to make the mapping more accurate and the image storage more stable.

Unique Wet Mopping Feature - It adopts the latest method of mopping the floor, sweeping Y-shape back and forth, this makes the deepest cleaning compared to other normal cleaning. And the robot has an electronically controlled water tank with a large capacity, which allows you to set the amount of water dispensed according to your own wishes.

Intelligent partial cleaning - You can use the APP to name each area and assign the robot to a specific place to clean. It can also be cleaned within a certain amount of time, which is super convenient!

Virtual blocking and restricted areas settings - You can draw a line or an area on the APP map to prohibit the robot from passing through, so you won't be disturbed to do other things.

Added the function of cleaning strategy per room - You can set the following functions separately for each room,

1.Cleaning Sequence;

2.Cleaning times;

3.Suction setting for dust container;

4.Adjust the water delivery;

APP - Remote control and visual cleaning, You can schedule appointments on the APP, or adjust the suction power, connect the robot with Alexa and Google Assistant, etc.

New Smart Cleaning Mode:

  • Cleaning the whole house;
  • Configured zone cleaning, you can configure a zone in a certain place on the app map, then the robot will automatically go to the zone for cleaning;
  • PIN N GO cleaning, you can point a point on the map, the robot will automatically go to that point and clean the 1.6m*1.6m zone at this point;
  • Set a restricted zone for cleaning;

The XR500 - Robot vacuum cleaner can store up to 5 cards, saving time and electricity.

Breakpoint Resumable Cleaning - When the robot runs out of power, it will automatically charge, fully charge and return to the interrupted place to continue cleaning. Rest assured, it will get the job done.

Package contents

What's in the box?

1× Robotic vacuum cleaner

1× Charging dock

1× Adaptor

1× Waste bin

1× Water Tank

1× Cleaning brush

1× V-shaped central brush

1× Side brush

1× HEPA filter

1× Remote Control (no battery)

1× User Manual


Product specifications:

Brand name: CleanDays

Colour: Black

Function: Wet and dry

Power (W): 28W

Voltage (V): 14.8V

Dust Box Capacity (L): 0.6-1 L

Remote control: Yes

Special squeegee: Mltifunctional combined brush

Filter type: HEPA

Model Number: XR500


Dust Storage Type: dust box

Battery life: 2 o'clock

timing settings: Yes

Size (mm): 330*330*96

Turbo brush: Yes

Navigation: Lidar + SLAM, 360° fast scanning

Save map: 5 pieces

Max suction power: 6500Pa

Cleaning Area: about 150㎡

Working time: 2 o'clock

Water tank: 360ml, 3 levels of water speed

Bin: 600ml

House-wide cleaning: YES

Restricted area setting: YES

APP Virtual Wall Setting : YES

Cleaning Breakpoint Resume: YES

Selective area cleaning: YES

Cleaning of scheduled points: YES

Zoned cleaning: YES

Y Routed cleaning: YES

Custom room cleaning: YES

Automatic return and recharge: YES

Multilingual voice package: YES

Voice control: support for Alexa, Google Home, etc.

App name: Tuya

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