Frequently asked questions K8 Stick vacuum cleaner

My stick vacuum doesn't work with an attachment, but it does without. What can I do?

Because the device works without the attachments, the problem will be in one of the contact / connection points of the attachments.

Usually this is due to a blockage or a layer of dust. To discover in which part the problem occurs, you can go through the following steps:

  • Connect the base bar to the waste container and connect an attachment that you don't use often or for example.
  • Connect the current brush directly to the waste container.
  • Connect another attachment that you don't use often or don't use directly to the waste container.

Where the device does not work, the defect is in a contact / connection point. Examine that attachment(s) for layers of dust and/or obstructions (dust, hair, other debris) near the connection point that prevent that attachment from performing its job.

The large brush attachment can, for example, also be taken apart by twisting the brush on the side of the attachment (for example with a coin).

The electric brush does not rotate, what now?

  1. Try the other electronic brush, does it turn?
  2. If this is not the case, remove the intermediate bar and place both brushes directly on the device. Does the brush rotate now?

When the brush does rotate without the handle, you can clean the connection point with a dry cloth. It may be dirty, so the contact is not good. There may also be a blockage of dust in the stem. Check and clean if necessary. If the brush does not rotate properly even without the handle, your brush may be faulty. Contact us.

When I turn on the vacuum cleaner, it works for a few seconds and then shuts off. The light flashes yellow.

When your vacuum cleaner fails and the light flashes, there are two possible causes:
1. The filter is full or even needs to be replaced (recommendation: replace the filter every 2 months).
2. There is a blockage of dust somewhere in the vacuum cleaner. Disconnect all accessories and clean them thoroughly.